1Win India

If you want to get the best of both worlds, casino gaming and sports betting, 1Win will be one of the top contenders. With almost twenty thousand casino games and hundreds of sports events at your disposal at any given moment, your gambling experience can last as long as you want it to.


There are a lot of payment methods available as well, making it easy for you to move funds into your account. You can even use crypto to get an additional two per cent bonus on your deposit amount! If you’re curious about what the site has to offer, you’ll be glad to learn that you can register and log in to 1Win using various social networks or by entering your email address or phone number plus password.

1win site

But if you want to learn more about 1Win before committing, we’ve summarised the most relevant information in the table. For the specifics, read our comprehensive review of the site.

Languages Azerbaijani, Bengali, Chinese, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kyrgyz, Korean, Kazakh, Moldovan, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Tajiki, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Swahili
Mobile App Android, iOS
Bonus Total of 500% bonus on the first four deposits
Types of Games RNG, Live Dealer, Sports Betting, Live Betting
Support 24/7
Mail [email protected]
Deposit Methods UPI Short (Online Pay), PhonePe, PayTm, UPI Bank Card, GPay, PayTm UPI, MobiKwik, PayZapp, Amazon Pay, Bank Transfer, WhatsApp Pay, BHIM, FreeCharge, Airtel, Airtm, MoneyGo, PerfectMoney, Astropay, Cryptocurrency
Withdrawal Time Instant to five days, depending on the need to submit additional documents
Minimal Deposit Amount 100 INR to 500 INR, depending on the chosen deposit method
Maximum Deposit Amount 7,000 INR to 260,804,765 INR, depending on the chosen withdrawal method
Minimal Withdrawal Amount 1,150 INR to 5,000 INR, depending on the chosen withdrawal method
Maximum Withdrawal Amount 40,000 INR to 911,371 INR, depending on the chosen withdrawal method

Sports Betting 1Win

As we have observed with a lot of betting websites, those that operate as a casino as well as a sportsbook don’t usually work equally well in both areas. However, this isn’t the case at all with 1Win; the site excels in both fields.

1win sports betting

Live Bets 1Win

Live betting at 1Win always draws a huge crowd because of the excitement of the changing odds, which can make any event more exhilarating. If you’re very familiar with the teams playing, you might just find a profitable wager that a lot of people missed. Go to the Live tab to see what they have to offer.

We definitely prefer the live section to the regular sports section. Here, you can automatically see the list of live events and sports with available betting markets. You can also narrow down the options by clicking on the corresponding sports icons.

live betting 1win

Cricket Betting

Cricket is easily the most popular sport in the country, so we’re happy to see that 1Win India covers it extensively. In both the regular and live sports sections, there were a lot of cricket events available at the three random and separate times that we checked.

cricket betting 1win

Football Betting

Because Gaelic Football and American Football are available, 1Win uses the term Soccer to avoid confusion. Given how loved football (or soccer) is around the world, we’re not surprised by the extent of the coverage that’s available; it’s excellent.

soccer betting 1win

Tennis Betting

Are you a huge fan of tennis? Then, you’ll surely delight in all the betting options available on the live betting section of 1Win. There’s extensive coverage of matches from the International Tennis Federation across various countries. As of writing, there are men’s and women’s events in the US and Canada to choose from.

Beyond ITF, you have other options from other governing bodies of this sport. There are a few from the Association of Tennis Players. Win also has games from the Universal Tennis Ranking Pro Series.

tennis betting 1win

1Win Login

Your 1Win login credentials grant you full access to everything that the website has to offer, from its long list of RNG and live casino games to its attractive betting odds on a wide array of sports events. If you have already completed the 1Win registration form and created an account, you just need to log in to proceed.

1win login

Personal Account

Each account successfully created in 1Win is assigned a unique eight-digit ID number. You’ll find this at the top of your account name if you’re on the homepage and when you click the small icon beside the Deposit button in the upper right area of your screen.

account 1win

1Win Register

But before you can sign in, you first have to create an account. This should only take five minutes.

register 1win

Registration via Social Networks

What if we told you that the account creation process with 1Win could be completed even more quickly? It’s easy to do using your existing social network accounts.

register social networks

Using this process means you don’t have to type in any personal details. Whatever personal information is associated with your selected social network account will be assumed accurate and used by 1Win.

The beginning of the process is the same: click the “Registration” button. Then, Click the Social tab and select one of these sites to link to 1Win:

  • Google;
  • WhatsApp;
  • VK;
  • Telegram;
  • @mail;
  • Yandex.

If you’re not already logged into your chosen social site, 1Win will ask you to do so. Only then you will be able to use it for registration.

Bonuses 1Win

A bonus is a great way to entice players to try out a service, and if the massive selection of betting options and games isn’t enough to convince you to try 1Win Casino and sports betting, then the promotions might just be what seals the deal.

1win bonus

The bonuses available at 1Win can be categorised into two sections: permanent and seasonal. Currently, there are three permanent promotions and 21 seasonal ones. The permanent bonuses are as follows:

Promotion Description
Bonus +500% for the first deposit New 1Win Casino and sports betting players can get a total of a 500% match bonus on their first four deposits, broken down as a 200% match bonus on the first deposit, a 150% match bonus on the second deposit, a 100% match bonus on the third deposit, and a 50% match bonus on the first deposit.

The maximum bonus that you can get in total is 75,000 INR.

Express Bonus Create an express bet with at least five events, making sure each bet has odds of at least 1.3. Get as much as an additional 15% bonus on your win amount when you get your reward.
Casino Cashback, up to 30% Get cash back on your losses on 1Win Casino slots every week. The sum of bets for the previous week should be at least 50,000 INR to qualify.

How to get a Welcome Bonus

When real money is at stake, you’ll want every bet to count. The welcome bonus will give you a chance to take more chances without risking any more of your betting capital.

welcome bonus 1win

1Win Casino

Of all the games that you’ll find in a casino, either online or land-based, slot machines are the most popular. That’s why 1Win has a wide offering of slot titles of varying return-to-player percentages, volatility, and betting limits.

1win casino

New Slots

If you go through all 1Win Casino games, you’ll notice how most of them are variations of a slot game. Once you’re in the casino section, just choose the “New” category.

new slots 1win

As of writing, 1Win has 108 titles in this category, and as you’ll observe, most of them are slot games. Just note that these aren’t listed in any particular order. So, if you’re looking for a specific title, it’s better to just use the search bar.

Popular Slots

As a casino player, do you prefer going with tried and tested titles? Then, looking at popular online slot options may be the best path for you. Here, you’ll find a section called “Top 20 in India”, which, oddly, features 22 games. The list changes all the time, so check back regularly!

popular slots 1win

Live Casino 1Win

1Win players who are craving the full experience of being in a land-based casino will delight in trying out the live casino section of the site. Instead of having a Random Number Generator in charge of the outcome of the game, you have live dealers who interact with you and other players… just like in every old-school casino!

It’s not hard to see the appeal of this mode of playing, so 1Win has made it very simple for you to find. The easiest way is by clicking the “Live Games” on the home page. This will take you to the Live Casino section, where you can see all the titles offered on the site.

live casino 1win


If you consider yourself a roulette connoisseur, then perhaps it’s time to level up! Discover the various versions of roulette with 1Win. Even though the foundational rules are the same (you win based on where the roulette ball lands), there are still small details that make each variation unique.

roulette 1win


When people think of the word jackpot, they usually think of a massive reward as a result of luck instead of skill. This would include things like winning 100 crores in the lottery or being randomly selected for a massive prize. There’s also the element of rarity here.

jackpot 1win


1Win manages to accommodate every fan of the game and even helps generate interest from those who haven’t tried it before.

blackjack 1win

1Win Poker

1Win makes sure to cover the most in-demand casino games, and that list could never be complete without poker.

1win poker

Virtual Sports 1Win

Virtual sports don’t take place in real life. There are no actual players controlling what the players do, and the outcomes are based on random results from a complex algorithm. Even though the performance and stats of real players are taken into account, this can be compared to an RNG casino game.

1win virtual sports

Bets on eSports 1Win

If you haven’t delved into anything other than physical sports so far, you may think that virtual sports and eSports are the same thing. But this isn’t the case at all. Bets on eSports are based on a game that real players play online. We’re referring to games like King of Glory, Valorant, and Dota 2. You’ll see what you can bet on when you go to the Cybersports category in the Sports section.

1win cybersport

These games have become so competitive that they have official events and tournaments. Although these events aren’t as popular as traditional sports, 1Win provides players with a large selection of betting markets on them.

Methods of Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

We’ve summarised the various payment methods available at 1Win in the table in this section. As you can see, the absolute minimum deposit that you can make is 100 INR. Meanwhile, withdrawals need to be at least 1100 INR.

1win payment methods

Those who like using cryptocurrency will love that they get an additional two per cent on top of their deposit amount.

Deposit Minimum/Maximum
UPI Short (Online Pay) 300 INR/99000 INR
PhonePe 300 INR/100000 INR
PayTm 300 INR/100000 INR
UPI Bank Card 300 INR/100000 INR
GPay 300 INR/100000 INR
PayTm UPI 300 INR/100000 INR
MobiKwik 300 INR/100000 INR
PayZapp 300 INR/100000 INR
Amazon Pay 300 INR/100000 INR
Bank Transfer 300 INR/100000 INR
WhatsApp Pay 300 INR/100000 INR
BHIM 300 INR/100000 INR
FreeCharge 300 INR/100000 INR
Airtel 300 INR/100000 INR
Airtm 500 INR/75000 INR
MoneyGo 150 INR/745300 INR
PerfectMoney 100 INR/70000 INR
Astropay 300 INR/100000 INR
Cryptocurrency 300 INR/260804765 INR
Withdrawals Minimum/Maximum
IMPS 1200 INR/50000 INR
PayTm 5000 INR/40000 INR
Perfect Money 1500 INR/738500 INR
Cryptocurrency 1150 INR/911371 INR

FAQ 1Win

Is 1Win legal in India?

Definitely, India is not listed as one of the restricted territories, so you can access it freely. And with newfound regulatory bodies in the country, you can legally play on 1Win.

How can I register on the 1Win website?

Just click the “Registration” button and fill out the details. You can also do a one-click registration through various social networking sites.

What is the first deposit bonus offered by 1Win?

For the deposit, you get a 200% deposit match, up to 75,000 INR.

How do I use the 1Win bonus?

It depends on the terms of the promotion. For example, you have to use your welcome bonus for betting before it’s transferred to your main account.

How do I make the first deposit?

Click the green “Deposit” button, choose a deposit method, and complete the transaction.

How do I bet on cricket?

Select a cricket match that you’re interested in, click a betting odd, and then finalise the bet by paying with your balance.

How do I play in online casinos?

1Win offers nearly 20 thousand games with varying gameplay and skill requirements. As a beginner, go with something simple like slots or roulette to get a feel of how the game goes.

How to bet on eSports?

The same rules for sports betting apply, regardless of what you want to bet on. Just choose an event and a betting odd, set your wager, and pay for it.

How do I start playing poker?

Start by familiarising yourself with the rules and observing games. Once you get a better grasp of how it works, play a few hands.

How do I withdraw money from my account?

Click your account icon at the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click Withdraw. Then, simply select a withdrawal method, provide the necessary details, and wait for the money to reflect your chosen account.