1Win Aviator

Aviator is a game like no other. A legendary release from the software developer Spribe, it gives you an extraordinary experience that can’t be achieved with your average online casino title.

What makes this unique is, in a sense, that you have a lot of control over whether you win or lose. The only question is whether you’ll let your desire for massive wins take over and miss the plane. Aviator is the ultimate embodiment of balancing risk and rewards in a game!

1win aviator

FAQ 1Win Aviator

What is the minimum bet in the Aviator Game?

The minimum bet is set at 7 INR.

What is the maximum bet in the Aviator Game?

Based on the “All Bets” section, the maximum is 7,500 INR.

How do I make a bet in the game?

Just set your bet amount and click the green “Bet x.xx INR” button.

How do I auto-bet in Aviator?

On the section below the plane, switch to Auto. Then, create betting presets that will apply for the next ten rounds.

Which bonus does 1Win offer?

1Win currently has 26 bonuses, such as the welcome bonus, rakeback bonus, and many others.