1Win App

The general purpose of a mobile application is to introduce additional functionality to a device that wouldn’t have otherwise been available. The 1Win app allows you to access various wagering options without needing to use a mobile browser.

1win mobile app

We believe that the app has all the same functionality as its web counterpart. All the betting features and markets are available, thus allowing you to switch wagers without worrying about your access to them. All the deposit and withdrawal methods are available here as well.

Another thing that surprised us is the compatibility of casino games. Usually, there are a few that don’t work well on mobile, but regardless of the platform, 1Win gives you the full list of titles.

1win app

And if you like watching live broadcasts, here’s some great news: live streaming is available in the 1Win app! But to manage your expectations, let’s remember that this option is only available for select events, but it’s safe to work under the assumption that if it’s available on the website, you should be able to stream it on the app too.

But let’s admit it; the website version is a little bit too clunky. As much as we appreciate the comprehensive casino and sports betting offer, navigating the site can be overwhelming.

The app is way better, and it’s obvious that a lot of thought and effort went into the release.

Download 1Win App for Android

What we like about this operator is how easy and straightforward it is to complete the download. You will find page on the website that displays detailed information about the different app versions, ensuring you get the right one for your device.

1win app download

How to install 1Win App (.apk)

Now that you have the 1Win APK file on your phone, the next step is to proceed with the installation.

install 1win apk

Locate the APK on your device in one of the following ways:

  • Go to the downloads section of your mobile browser;
  • If enabled, check your push notifications for the file;
  • Go to your file manager and look for it there.

Download 1Win App for iOS

Regardless of the device you’re using, 1Win will always try to ensure that you can use the app right away. So, if you don’t have an Android, don’t worry! You’ll also be able to get the 1Win app on your iOS device easily.

download 1win app ios

Installing the 1Win App for iOS

The 1Win customer support team advises clients to visit the mobile site and get linked to the app page in the Apple App Store from there. And yes, this includes both iPhones and iPads. So, if your gadgets are all from Apple, you’ll be able to switch devices while still maintaining the convenient access that’s only possible by using the app.

install 1win app ios

1Win App Register

After completing the download, you can proceed to create an account. If you have already completed this process using the desktop or mobile browser version of the platform, you don’t have to do it again. Proceed with the login process.

registration 1win app

Login 1Win App

Once you have an account, you can log in to get full access to the features of the site.

1win app login

1Win Bet App

Are you into sports betting? If so, you’ll be pleased by how convenient it is with the app. You’ll have access to all the same features in the 1Win betting app as you do on the desktop site. Just head over to the Sports section to view the available sports and the betting events covered.

1win app betting

Volleyball Betting

When we checked, there were 169 matches that you could check out and bet on, covering games local to Belarus, the Philippines, Russia, and Thailand.

volleyball betting

They have also included various international events, including:

  • Nations League;
  • Nations League, Women;
  • U21 World Championship;
  • World Amateur League, Women;
  • World Amateur League;
  • Capital Challenge Cup;
  • Capital Challenge Cup, Women.

As for the betting options, they have divided them into these categories: main, 1st set, 2nd set, and 3rd set. Here, you can bet on the outright winner, total scores (for the match or any of the sets), total number of sets, point differences, and more.

Basketball Betting

Even though it’s not the most popular game in most countries, basketball is still able to create a substantial demand as a form of entertainment. So, we weren’t surprised to see 111 events all around the world being covered right now.

basketball betting

Even though there are currently only two international events (FIBA AfroCAN and U20 EC Div. B), you can still place long-term wagers on tournaments like the Euroleague and FIBA World Cup. But if you prefer to bet on matches that will happen in a few days, there are a lot of local tournaments taking place around the world.

Hockey Betting

Hockey is a sport that involves a stick and a hockey puck. However, it doesn’t refer to just a single sport. Instead, the term applies to a series of variations using the same equipment. These include field hockey, ice hockey, floor hockey, and underwater hockey.

hocket betting

Right now, only ice hockey is available on the 1Win app. There are currently 85 matches under this category, most of which are local games in various countries, including the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, Norway, and Germany. Meanwhile, for international tournaments, there are three options accessible:

  • Champions Hockey League;
  • World Championship;
  • Sochi Open.

1Win App Casino

If you prefer online casino to sports betting, just tap the fourth icon from the left on the 1Win app. The 1Win app replicates (then improves, of course!) the experience that you get on the website.

online casino 1win app

Best Games

Even though there are almost 20 thousand titles on the 1Win app, everyone has their own preference. After all, different players have a lot of differences in terms of the amount they are willing to bet, their preferred gameplay, the graphics style they find appealing, and more.

best games 1win app

Below, w segment the market for casino games and provide some advice on how to find the most suitable games for you:

General Preference Recommendation
You like variety and exploring various titles You can try out Megaways titles because the reels and the pay lines change every time. Go to the New category to see new titles as well.
You like games where each round is finished quickly Try out the Quick Games category. Card games like Blackjack will also be great for you.
You like strategy Look up Poker titles because this type of card game requires a lot of strategy.
You want to leave the results all up to chance Any slot game will suit you. You can try out live games like a coin toss as well.

New Games

Going by what is popular right now is a great way to find terrific games. After all, there must be a reason so many people are so interested in them! To do this, head over to the “Top 20 in India” category.

new games 1win app

You’ll see that there’s a good mix of titles that you can try out. These include Fast Fielder, Quantum Roulette Live, First Person Roulette, Bet on Teen Patti, Lightning Dice, and many more.

Poker 1Win App

Are you familiar with the term’ poker face’? It’s something that essentially means you’re good at masking your feelings. Even though there’s no way for anyone to read your “tells” using the 1Win app, the fact that the term exists proves just how important the game of poker is. This challenging card game has a lot of players all over the world, including here in India.

1win poker app

Rakeback Up to 50%

Those who love poker games will definitely love that you can get a cashback for playing at the tables. Every round, there’s a general pot that each player contributes to every time the dealer opens three cards. This will be the base amount by which your rakeback will be computed.

rakeback 50 precent

Bonuses in 1Win App

If bonuses are important to you, you’ll surely be satisfied with the 1Win app. Currently, there are three permanent bonuses and 23 other promotions. The mechanics for the promotions are the same, regardless of the platform.

bonus 1win app

1Win offers special bonuses that you can only get through the application. You’ll see these by clicking the “Free Money” link on the upper left-hand side of the screen. Here’s what you can get:

Promotion Description
Bonus for App Installation If you decide to download the 1Win app on your device, you’ll get 9,450 INR. This offer is applicable to both Android and iOS users.
Telegram Subscription Bonus Subscribe to the Telegram channel to get exclusive no-deposit bonuses.

How to use the First Deposit Bonus

Before talking about how you can use a bonus, let’s first discuss how you get one. When you make your first deposit, 200% of your deposit amount is automatically credited to your bonus accounts.

welcome bonus

So, if you deposit 1,000 INR, you’ll get 2,000 INR in your casino bonus account and another 2,000 INR in your sports bonus account. To be able to cash it out, refer to the table below:

Bonus Account Type Action Required
Sports bonus account Bet on events with odds of 3 or higher. You get 5% of your bet amount if you win.
Casino bonus account Get 1% of your total wagers the previous day if you lose at least $65 (5,331 INR).

Support Service 1Win App

If you encounter any issues in relation to using the 1Win app or any of its services, you’re free to contact the support service.

1win app support

Ways to Make a Deposit and Withdraw Winnings

Just like when using a browser version of the platform, the 1Win app makes available the same deposit and withdrawal methods. The absolute minimum deposit is 100 INR, while the maximum is 260,804,765 INR. For withdrawals, you can take out anywhere from 1,150 INR to 911,371 INR. You’ll be able to see the limits for each deposit and withdrawal method when you tap it.

1win payment

FAQ 1Win App

How do I download 1Win App for free?

Go to the site using the mobile browser of your device. Then, tap the three horizontal lines, scroll down, and tap “Applications”. That will start the download and installation.

How do I start betting through the app?

It’s the same for every platform. Find an event that interests you, choose a betting odd, and then pay for your wager.

How do I play at the online casino in the application?

Once you’re logged in, just tap a game icon, and start playing.

How do I get a bonus in the mobile application?

Look at the list of promotions on the bonus page on the site. Then, read the terms for qualifying and claiming. Then, just comply with the conditions.

How do I make a deposit through the application?

Tap the green “Deposit” button on the main page. Then, select a deposit method. Set the amount you want to deposit, and finalise the transaction based on the instructions specific to your method.